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Education and Outreach

Bishop Museum recently completed construction of a new Science Adventure Center which includes a small wave basin for demonstration of tsunami and storm waves.

Three wave makers are located at one edge of the tank. The first represents the effect of an undersea earthquake, the second represents storm waves created by a blower, while the third represents a landslide-induced tsunami, and is the most effective of the three wave makers. Unfortunately the depth of the pool makes the display relatively undramatic. We are working with Bishop Museum personnel to introduce a shoreline at the opposite end of the tank with scale model coastal structures to show the effect of a tsunami wave impacting a shoreline.

We have initiated a number of outreach activities as part of this project. Two REU students at Princeton are reviewing design guidelines for erosion and scour protection of existing structures. They will also assist in development of the sediment transport experiments planned for Fall 2006. At Oregon State University, all wave experiments in the tsunami wave basin will be web telecast. Because of the half hour to hour delay between waves, this will not be suitable for K-12 educational programs. A compilation of selected experiments will be developed for web cast to K-12 audiences after a series of tests has been completed. At the University of Hawaii we have two high school interns working with a graduate student on preliminary FLUENT modeling. We are also working with the local Natural Science Museum, Bishop Museum, to enhance an existing tsunami display.





















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